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Positive, Healthy, Motivational

Penny is a great example of why you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover

Penny - positively, helthy, motivational

About Penny

Although she looks like a tom-boy, Penny is your regular girl and loves to wear purple! She has a very strong sense of self in a very humble way – so that means she does not have a big ego. Wellness, Fitness and eating right are very important to Penny. She loves all sports! She can do backflips, cartwheels and more

Penny’s Personality:

She really promotes

Health Management:

Includes better food choices you can make (local, organic, sustainable sourced), exercise, recreation, and cultivating a positive daily state of mind. She is also big on Renewable Energy (hence the lighting bolt). This includes using renewable energy like solar, wind, wave and bio-fuels to power your daily life

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