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Brand Story

Empowering all of us to drive big, positive change.

Our mission

At the heart of the SeaBabies way is our consistent dedication to make a difference in the global community by effectively bringing awareness to children and setting standards of excellence for the environment.

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SeaBabies History

In 1989, SeaBabies were born.

A fun, innovative toy line,SeaBabies celebrated the environment and encouraged children to care about the future of the planet.



The original SeaBabies were so popular and innovative that they went to the White House to celebrate Easter and marched in the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade.
The SeaBabies also went on an eight-week New England tour, where they presented choreographed 30-minute shows that integrated dancing, music, and promoted environmental awareness among children...


Live performances were held at the Cape Cod Melody Tent in Hyannis, Massachusetts, for twelve weeks – where it was fully booked every week. Again, all of this commercial success was attributable to a small company engaged primarily in networking and direct sales, without the benefit of social media or large-scale promotions.

The Sale

Due to this success, primarily in the New England and the Mid Atlantic, the Company was forecasting doubled revenue in 1999 and was placing orders to meet that demand.
The SeaBabies had only been introduced to a limited number of communities and had the rest of the country – and the world – to support prolonged growth.


The SeaBabies warehouse was vandalized in 1999.The entire inventory was damaged. While the Company could have continued, this callous act broke the heart of the Company’s founder and driving force: a single mother who wanted to share the fun, educational, and inspiring experience of the SeaBabies with the world. The SeaBabies franchise was shuttered in des...

Key Features

The SeaBabies feature distinctive seaweed hair, sea-blue eyes, sea shell nose, webbed hands, webbed feet, and magical sand dollar accessories.

Product Vision

The SeaBabies is more than just a line of toys! It is a brand that can bring both fun and social consciousness into the lives of children everywhere. They are all about promoting POSITIVE messaging. This can be accomplished through: Dolls/ Toys, Music, Books, Cartoons and Live Performances.


As sea dwellers, the SeaBabies’ homes are under threat from pollution. The SeaBabies have a special immunity to ocean pollution, but in order to protect their home and land friends, they assume the task of combating environmental issues. The Mucks are creatures that live on pollution and want to foil the SeaBabies’ efforts. Many of the SeaBabies’ adven...

Environmental Awareness

Community Outreach
Health Management
Waste Management
Climate Impact


Today, however, the message of SeaBabies is timelier than ever.

The Company is now owned by the founder’s son, who is determined to reboot this franchise and realize its full potential. As environmental concerns reach an all-time high, SeaBabies will be reborn to teach a new generationvof children the importance of caring for the planet. The SeaBabies have been redesigned, but will still feature their distinctive seaweed hair, sea-blue eyes, sea shell nose, webbed hands, webbed feet, and magical sand dollar necklaces.

The Company will share the SeaBabies and their message of

“Save Today for Tomorrow”

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